An inspirational speach by Ira Glass is animated by Daniel Sax that just may make you feel a little bit better when you hit a creative speed-bump.

Mr X

Rogue Films presents this beautifully shot and edited short of an iconic figure in the world of tattooing, Mr X. 

RK1 Season Recap

RK1 have topped off their big year with yet another great edit of the Scandy crew. With the high level riding and the true fun of snowboarding wrapped up in a professional edit, this has to be one of the best releases of the year. Tech tricks, style and pro filming. We also like the grade.

Dopamine Trailer

Absinthe Films deliver again with the trailer to their 2013 film, Dopamine. Featuring some of the most legendary riders including Bode Merrill, Victor De La Rue, Danny Kass and Wolfgang Nyvelt, and some traditional filming techniques (they still love to shoot a lot on film), this film looks to be a 'must-watch' this winter.


Jossi Wells - Skier, Snowboarder, Beard Model

If dominating style in the skiing world wasn't enough for Jossi, here he shows he can hold his own on a board too. Spending the Southern winter back home in New Zealand, Jossi and his three brothers have been shredding the slopes and skateparks and proving why they're going to be tough competition in Sochi.


NEFF Superpark 17

A throwback to those hot, spring days as we head back into winter and another exciting season. Neff produced this edit at Superpark 17, and aside from the great soundtrack, the riding isn't bad either.