Andrew Pelton ski edit (18/06/2012)

After meeting Andrew Pelton at Leeds University in 2011 and watching him ski we worked closely together for the season to produce this edit. His talent and laid back attitude makes him a really interesting and stylish skier to watch, who tends not to think too much before laying down any trick that may pop into his head on the in-run. At the BUSC big air finals where competitors have one jump to throw down their best trick, Pelton hit the down-rail on the in-run, threw down a laid-out backflip on the first jump most miss-out in order to hit the kicker that's being marked. He then stomped a 720 screaming seamen before throwing down another backflip and a frontflip on two subsequent kickers. Despite treating the whole exercise as a bit of fun, Pelts walked away with the Gold in big air and silver in slopestyle. His edit below shows off his raw talent and his love of snapbacks and t-shirt balaclavas.