Leeds Snowriders 2012 Trailer (03/04/2012)

One of my favourite videos I have produced to date was my final of three trailers I have made for Leeds Snowriders. It received 400 views in the first hour and over 2000 in the first day of it being live online and has subsequently become known as one of the best university society promo videos out there, with nothing but positive feedback. To date it has over 7000 views, by far exceeding my own expectations, and more views than would ever be expected for a university society's ski and snowboard film trailer.

After three years of filming for Leeds Snowriders, and it really forming the backbone of what i have gone on to do since, the final year's film excelled mainly due to the people I had around me that enabled the film to look so good. The level of riding was phenomenal and the help I had throughout the year irreplaceable.