The Fifth (28/09/12-30/09/12)

A small team of old friends all now working in the creative industry teamed up to produce this short film for the Collaborate x Rankin 48hour film festival, with a shot at having our short film screened at the prestigious 'Raindance' film festival in early October 2012.

From concept to creation, between 7pm on Friday 28th September and Sunday 30th September 2012, we produced and delivered a high quality, provocative film that stands out from the selected brief given to us to fulfill of 'Capture and relive'. 

With James LLoyd's artistic direction and formidable sound recording and mastering, he took hold of the brief and his team to develop and create the film he visualised. The initial concept came from Rebekah Heys and Gus Miller, Rebekah being responsible for the photo below and a large reason why the film is so beautiful. Gus Miller's theatrical experience allowed him to take control of the directing of the actors, particularly Peter Cary who delivered a moving performance that maintained the high quality throughout every aspect of the film, as well as Florence Hapgood's vital performance at the end of the film which contributed greatly to the succinct and deep conclusion to our exploration into the appreciation and awareness of sound. 

Matt Howey Nunn took control of the cinematography and managed the entire production with Alex Martin Simons making every single role run smoothly, and ultimately is a large part of why we were able to ever create such a film. Angus MacRae ( scored the entire piece from scratch, with very little direction and information to go on as we made the film, and delivered the music for the film that complimented it in a way that none of the production crew could have anticipated and by far exceded our expectations.